Wine Course: Exploring Wine with WineGuyMike

Get ready to learn about wine with WineGuyMike! A wine advocate and educator for many years, Mike has taught wine classes to college students, to corporate executives and managers, and to interested individuals who just love learning more about wine.

Now Mike brings his first course online: Exploring Wine with WineGuyMike. It’s a foundation course about wine that will provide those new to wine with a wealth of information. Even those who have loved wine for years will learn new information to enhance their appreciation and enjoyment of wine even further.

Here’s a sneak peek of what all you’ll find in this info-packed 30 page eGuide to wine:

  • Are there really wine “rules”?
  • What makes even the same types of wine “different”?
  • What you need to know about the wine-making process
  • What a wine label can tell you
  • Why wine color is important
  • The basics of pairing foods and wine for best flavor and enjoyment
  • How to shop for wine
  • How to make smart wine selections in restaurants
  • What you MUST know about storing wine
  • Do the right wine glasses really make a difference?
  • And much, much more!

For just $7, this course will prepare you to try new wines with confidence and empower you to make smart decisions about wine. Order the Exploring Wine with WineGuyMike course below! (It will be available for immediate download right after purchase.)

Price: $7.00

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