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6 thoughts on “Contact WineGuyMike

  1. Jocelyn

    Hi Mike,

    I found you on MakeItMissoula when searching for used wine barrels. I’m wondering if you have any recommendations for a place to buy used barrels in the Missoula area?

    Great site and hope you don’t mind the inquiry,


    1. WineGuyMike Post author

      Hi Jocelyn, I do believe there is a business that does produce barrels in Missoula. I will get back to you after I do a little research to find out for you. Thank you for asking.


  2. Miranda


    I work for a gentleman who collects and researches wine. He is interested in finding out the annual production of some specific wines, either in case numbers or bottles. It is for 6 wines produced in Napa Valley. I’m discovering that this information is tricky to discover. Do you know if this information is published, and if so, where? Any advice you have would be helpful. Thanks so much!


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