Scratch Catering Chacuterie Platters

Wine Guy Mike and Scratch Catering have partnered to offer charcuterie and antipasto platters. Mike has sourced what he considers to be the very finest quality meats and cheeses that are available anywhere. Combine this with WineGuyMike Wine Club wine selections and desserts that are also world class. This combination sets the stage for the perfect event or evening at home with family and friends.

Scratch Catering Desserts

Scratch Catering Desserts

All of our meats and cheeses are seasonal and are available as light(2-3 servings), medium(3-5 servings), and heavy(5-8 servings). Platters include sliced peasant Italian Campagne bread, Mike’s house Italian bread spread, a variety of seasonal charcuterie meats including Salami’s, Coppacolla, and Prosciutto. Organic seasonal cheese selections typically include beautiful Gorgonzola, a variety of delicious Cheddar’s featuring a Cow and Goat milk blend, Cheddar infused with veins of Cocoa, Cheddar infused with veins of smokey Paprika, and delicious Rosemary Herbed Cheddar.

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