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Today in The Tasting Room Wine Guy Mike presents Orphan Jane and The Traveling Everything Show. Once in a while, you coming across something when you are surfing the internet that gets your attention. This happened to me, it was captivating and I continued to look until it became so interesting I had to go to their profile to read their profile. It was the Orphan Jane Instagram page and when I began to read it something jumped off the page. You see this band of Gypsie Noir and Cabaret performers, who in their own right are outstanding musicians, all have stage names and personalities which make them one of the most interesting alternative music groups today but what caught my attention was “Montana Slim.”

Orphan Jane and The Traveling Everything Show

Orphan Jane and The Traveling Everything Show

There is no coincidence and what happened next is what we hear people refer to as “Six Degrees of Separation.” The music that defines my life and age sounds old to me, especially when I hear it playing in the background of the elevator I am riding in. My requirement of musical respect is this, whether I like the music or not, the musicians have to be skilled with their instrument. I may or may not personally like the music but if the individual or band is skilled with their instruments I respect what they do. In my not so humble opinion, there is a lot of Pop Music that has risen to the top of various music charts due to savvy social marketing and not necessarily the quality of music they produce.

I have been so taken by the Orphan Jane band, they have something very special. Their music is both visual and an auditory pleasure not to mention they are outstanding musicians. As it would happen Montana Slim spent a good deal of his life growing up in Montana and yes he is a tall drink of water. Tim Cluff or better known as Montana Slim grew up about 15 minutes down the road from the place I call home in Missoula, Montana. I had wondered if my friend who is half a lifetime younger than myself and is a music junkie had ever heard of this unique band named Orphan Jane? She was quick to respond informing me the Tim Cluff was a childhood schoolmate who had moved to New York and was in the band.  She was equally inquisitive about how I, the old dude, knew about this group Orhan Jane. She was impressed that Orphan Jane and I connected via Instagram, this is never a bad thing when you are the old dude and you get a little cred from the hipster generation, right?

The Tasting Room is a weekly radio show, it is Wine Guy Mike’s latest media broadcast endeavor and I was so captivated by Orphan Jane that I reached out to invite them to be interviewed on this week’s show. The world and I are going to learn all about Orphan Jane, the name, the show, the inspiration for this Traveling Everything Show. I can tell you this they are a fresh breath of entertainment that will satisfy the visual and auditory desires of the most decerning.

What I do know is this:

Orphan Jane was formed in late 2011 by eccentric jazz guitarist Dave Zydallis with longtime friend and collaborator, bassist Robert Desjardins. Under the false pretense of joining a Brechtian, 40’s throwback, Kurt Weill tribute band, Dave and Bob conned Jessica Underwood and Tim Cluff into attending their rehearsals. After chatting about Kurt Weill for two minutes, the band started writing original material and hasn’t looked back since!

Trumpeteer Caitlin Featherstone joined Orphan Jane in 2015. The band took pity on her after she hounded them relentlessly throughout the NYC dive bar circuit for several months.

Orphan Jane Band

Orphan Jane Band

The Band

Orphan Jane is circus tents and gypsies, traditional blues and vaudeville, a dear friend of whom you’re just a little afraid. Like a drink cut with sharp mandolin, wheezing accordion and a plaintive trumpet, chased by the driving lines of a standup bass. A vocalist equal parts Lotte Lenya and Little Mermaid with a band of hooligans growling close behind.

The Girl With No Name: Vocals

Old Man Shorty: Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals

The Gravedigger: Bass

Darla McBean: Trumpet

Montana Slim: Accordion, Vocals

Orphan Jane independently released their debut album A Poke in the Eye in fall of 2014. It was voted Top 50 Albums of the Year by NY Music Daily and the single Mansion Song was acclaimed as one of the best songs of the year. Their sophomore album The Traveling Everything Show was released in 2016. Following an overwhelmingly successful Rockethub Fundraising Campaign in Fall of 2015, Orphan Jane began work on a theater piece based on their original material. For more: Orphan Jane: The Musical!

Orphan Jane were finalists in the 2014 WNYC Battle of the Burroughs. See their performance hereTheir single 1000 Little Girls was selected by B&H Photo to have a music video made, directed by Bruce Dorn in association with Canon USA and hosted by the NY Film Academy.

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Don’t miss today’s show that is guaranteed to be more fun than should be legal! It’s what we do in The Tasting Room.

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