The Final Chapter Of Valentine’s Destiny With TRIbella Wine

Rob and Miranda are headed to the Chapel and are going to get married!

Rob and Miranda are headed to the Chapel and are going to get married!

This last Valentine’s Day I wrote an article titled, “Valentine Serendipity From Our Friends At TRIbella.” This was a story of friendship, love, and serendipitous fate that acknowledged the life long friendship of TRIbella inventor Skip Lei and long-time friend and business partner Tom Beehler. This story that received a great deal of attention also paralleled a story of fate, love, and destiny.

The TRIbella wine aerator is for those of us who use and love this must have tool #ThePerfectPour but the ending to this story of love and fate is more than Tom Beehler could have imagined.  If you missed the first part of this story from the previous article I recommend you click on the link above and read that story first.

TRIbella Aerator and Case

TRIbella Aerator and Case

Rob and Miranda are the young man and women that Tom attempted to introduce on three separate occasions, but it never materialized. If you read the previous article you would understand that Rob and Miranda had a meeting of fate, one of true destiny that Tom Beehler could have never imagined.

Tom not only is great when it comes to #ThePerfectPour with the TRIbella aerator but as it turns out Tom has a real knack when it comes to #ThePerfectPairing! Rob and Miranda whom Tom tried his darndest to introduce met all on their own and as destiny has it are engaged to be married.

My friend Tom got it right with TRIbella and life and for that, I am eternally grateful. Why you might ask, well the young lady, Miranda, in this story of love and destiny is my daughter. Her mother and I couldn’t be more pleased to soon have Rob as our son-in-law. As for Tom, he is known in our family circle as the connector of the Universe. Thank you, Tom Beehler!

I hope everyone will enjoy the end of this love story as much as Rob’s family, the Beehler family, and my family have. Cheers to all of you who may be reading this story!

From my table to yours,

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