Valentine Serendipity From Our Friends At TRIbella

There is a lot more than just #ThePerfectPour as you will learn in this story of Valentine Serendipity From Our Friends At TRIbella. TRIbella is a company born out of much more than the innovation of inventor Skip Lei and long-time friend and business partner Tom Beehler.

Happy Valentines's Day

Happy Valentines’s Day

Valentine’s Day is not just a celebration of romantic partnership but also an acknowledgment of great friendship, an example that Skip and Tom have lived. Friends first, careers at Nike, and then as entrepreneurs, now friends and business partners at TRIbella. Both of these men are examples to live by in how we exist and respect one another, certainly deserving of a Happy Valentine’s Day shout out.

But this story is not just about them, this story is about true Valentine Serendipity. Over the last few years that I have been doing business with TRIbella I have developed a friendly relationship with Tom Beehler whom I order all of the TRIbella products that I use, recommend, and sell on my website. After conducting business Tom and I usually have a personal conversation making both of our work fun. As Tom and I are quick to acknowledge it’s not the work it is all about the people and relationships.

TRIbella Aerator and Case

TRIbella Aerator and Case

My youngest daughter, one of my three children that I am so proud of, was a student-athlete at Arizona State University. She is now a CPA living and working for one of the “Big Four” accounting firms in Portland Oregon. Oregon is also the world headquarters of TRIbella and the home to both Skip and Tom and their respective families.

Last June I mentioned to Tom that my daughter would be moving to Portland in August and he immediately¬†mentioned his son’s roommate throughout college was a young man he thought very highly of and had known for a very long time. Tom suggested he would like to introduce my daughter to this young man who is also a CPA. so she would know someone when she made the move to Portland. As an over protective dad, I thought this sounded like a great idea.

Well in August my daughter embarked on her new life as an adult and career professional. She was so busy getting situated and learning her new job as an auditor that she never had time to connect with Tom and the young man he so kindly wanted to introduce her to. By this time Tom had mentioned introducing this highly regarded young man 2 or 3 times to me but my daughter was just so busy getting settled she barely had time to call home.

Moving forward six months and my daughter well settled into life and career I could tell from our conversations she was ready to meet someone nice in her life and begin dating. As her dad, I thought within in a large office of 400 people she would meet someone nice with whom she would have something¬†in common. Unfortunately¬†though as an auditor she is rarely in an office as she commutes to her firm’s clients offices.

Two months ago my daughter lets me and her mother know she had met someone and was going out to dinner with him. She has now been dating him for a few months and on Martin Luther King’s Birthday, she was going to her boyfriends’ parents house to meet them and have dinner. So late that Monday evening she began texting my wife and then myself. She was in their kitchen and saw a wine bottle with a TRIbella aerator on it and she of course immediately asked where they had gotten their aerator?

The young man’s mother responded by saying her next door neighbor Tom and his friend Skip retired from Nike and started this company called TRIbella and that they made these wine aerator products. My daughter exclaimed that my dad is friends with those gentlemen and sells their TRIbella wine products on his website. In my daughters’ text message she asks if I knew Tom and I responded well yes I do and I have a phone conference with him tomorrow morning.

The next day Tom and I have our phone call and when finished Tom comments and now on a personal note….Tom lets me know his next door neighbor is texting him messages asking if he knows this WineGuyMike fellow. Tom then filled his neighbor in on our relationship and then lets his neighbor know all about my daughter.

Yes, that’s right the very young man Tom Beehler wanted to introduce my daughter to is the man that she met on the job out auditing at her firm’s clients office. It turns out that this nice young man also works for the very same firm. In all of Portland, Oregon and in an office of 400 people she met the young man that Tom wanted her to.

Wine lovers everywhere I offer up to you this story of true Valentine Serendipity. It is with a loving heart I salute Tom, Skip, Carilyn (my TRIbella friends) and all of you the happiest of Valentine’s Day!

From my table to yours,




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