Prosecco Sparkling Wine

Prosecco is an Italian wine produced in the northern Veneto region of Italy.  This area sits at the foothills of the Italian Alps.  It is typically produced as a dry sparkling wine and is made from grape varietal Glera.

Zonin1821 Black Edition

Zonin1821 Black Edition

Prosecco is mainly produced as a sparkling wine in either the fully sparkling (spumante) or lightly sparkling (frizzante, gentile) styles.  Prosecco spumante undergoes a full secondary fermentation, it is a more expensive style.  Prosecco may also be blended with some Pinot Bianco or Pinot Grigio wine.  Depending on their sweetness, Proseccos are labeled “brut”, “extra dry”, or “dry”, with the brut being the driest.

Prosecco is produced utilizing the Charmat method rather than the traditional Champagne method.  The Charmat method is a second fermentation in pressurized tanks rather than in individual bottles.  The shorter, tank fermentation is preferable for Prosecco because it preserves the freshness and the flavor of the grapes.

Prosecco wines are affordable, aromatic, light, crisp, and refreshing. Think of a yellow apple, pear, white peaches, apricot, and citrus when you drink these wines.

A great summertime wine to enjoy on the patio or deck!

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