Zonin1821 Dress Code Collection Prosecco

Any time of year is great to enjoy Prosecco but during the heat of summer, it is especially satisfying. I recently had the pleasure of pairing wines with a seven-course dinner for ten. Zonin1821 new Dress Code Collection of Prosecco wines was my choice to get the party started!

Zonin1821 Dress Code Collection

Zonin1821 Dress Code Collection

It was an early summer afternoon and Zonin1821’s Dress Code Collection seemed to be the perfect choice for what turned out to be a special evening of wine and food. Serving wine to guests at gatherings it’s important to consider the nature of the event such as; Formality, season, occasion, and food courses being served.

The evening opened with guests mingling on the porch of a beautiful University area home at which time I popped the first bottle of Dress Code bubbly. Clearly, no one does sexy like the Italians and this new collection of wines does not disappoint. The three bottles of wine from this collection may be the most attractive that I have seen. Gorgeous is what comes to mind and from an aesthetics standpoint, I was pleased to share these with the dinner guests.

The real litmus test though is the taste test and with bubbly poured and glasses in hand all my attention was focused on the eyes and body language of the people now tasting the Zonin1821 Dress Code Edition wines.

Prosecco is produced in the Veneto region of Italy at the foothills of the Italian Alps in northern Italy. Traditionally Zonin1821 produces Prosecco made from 100% Glera the grape varietal of Prosecco.

Wine today is not just Old World or New World but the style of winemaking must also be considered. Is the wine stylistically classic or has it been non-traditionally crafted?

With regard to their new collection of Prosecco wines, Zonin has reached deep down and produced a collection of wine that is very different for their brand. Their new Dress Code Collection of wines still adhere to the rules and laws that allow Prosecco to be blended with up to 15% of other grape varietals. The varietals used for blending are approved in this case by the DOC of the Prosecco wine region.

Zonin1821 typically is as traditional as it gets just as the name indicates this seven generation family owned and winemaking tradition has been producing Prosecco since 1821. The only tradition associated with the Dress Code Collection of wines is quality and distinction.

Continuing to produce traditional Prosecco was not what Zonin1821 had in mind for this Dress Code Collection of White, Grey, and Black. The winemaker obviously was intent on producing a Prosecco that those new to this delightful bubbly would immediately enjoy and those already smitten with Prosecco would stretch their palates also enjoying their favorite wine with a new twist.

Zonin knocked this new collection out of the park, not just on quality and taste but this flight of Prosecco parallels an evening of perfect entertaining. What do I mean by “parallel to an evening of perfect entertaining”?

Prosecco wines are typically simple and refreshing which is exactly why I like to serve them in summer. There is nothing more off-putting than trying to wrap your mind and palate around a heavy and overly complex wine when its 100°F on the deck.

This flight of three Prosecco’s from Zonin starts with their White Edition. The alluring look, feel, and color of these bottles speaks to your wine soul. Intuitively you know exactly which bottle to start, continue, and finish with.

Zonin1821 White Edition  

Zonin1821 White Edition

Zonin1821 White Edition

This first in the flight of three wines is comprised of 91% Glera & 9% Pinot Bianco grape varietals. For me, the Pinot Bianco just cleans this wine up making it invitingly enjoyable and crisp. This is a perfect way to start the evening, and the guests loved this crisp invigorating wine. This White Edition wine grabs your attention letting you know it is a serious contender, no flab here.

This wine exudes subtle notes of floral and fruit but that 9% of Pinot Bianco keeps it in check and sets it apart from another pedestrian Prosecco. This wine will get the party started, the right way.

Zonin1821 Grey Edition

Zonin1821 Grey Edition

Zonin1821 Grey Edition

Somehow you just know this wine is the second in the of flight of three that you are supposed to be tasting, something psychological with the color scheme of bottles from the Zonin1821Dress Code Collection.

This wine is a non-traditional Prosecco blend of 87% Glera & 13% Pinot Grigio. The wine harmoniously eases you into your evening but still manages to keep your full attention, crisp yet so effortlessly smooth.

The Grey Edition Prosecco is not like a wine that has been over manipulated through a malolactic fermentation but is an exemplary reflection of experienced winemaking guiding two grape varietals to a perfect marriage in the bottle.

The Grey Edition offers refreshing elements of green apple and a subtle spice nuance of Ginger, the result is a wine that commands your attention, transcendentally transitioning everyone’s palates in an ever so soothing and smooth manner. Delicious!

Zonin1821 Black Edition

Zonin1821 Black Edition

Zonin1821 Black Edition

The third wine in the flight, the Black Edition, is dressed in scintillating black attire and after imbibing in the White and Grey Dress Code Edition Prosecco’s you are left with an insatiable desire to taste this last charmer from Zonin and believe me it does not disappoint.

The Black Edition Prosecco is a blend of 90% Glera & 10% Pinot Noir, perfectly suited for the progression of the evening. This sparkling Prosecco holds your hand and delivers a depth of character and simple sophistication with every sip. An aroma that delights and a mouthfeel of silky velvet on the palate the Black Edition delivers elegant fruit, floral, and subtle element of comforting spice. This wine was the perfect accompaniment with the amuse-bouche course of dinner.

No matter what you are serving with this flight of Italian wine, Zonin1821Dress Code Collection is a real crowd pleaser. Quality is high and these three wines are very affordable offering true value for any wine lover.

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