Fun Alternatives to Sparkling Wine and Champagne


New Year’s Eve is nearly here and you may be starting to think about what kind of bubbly you are going to have for your New Year’s celebration. There are many great Sparkling wine and Champagne choices, I am focusing on alternatives that are delicious, fun, and less expensive than the mainstream choices.

If you must have Champagne remember it can be identified by a capital “C”, this is made in the Champagne region of France, others are just imposters. Good quality Sparkling wines are typically made the same way Champagne is, it may or may not be made with the same type of grapes.

Champagne and many Sparkling wines have distinct smaller, and tighter long lasting bubbles. In Brut form these sparkling wines are dry, and typically very crisp. These are all desirable qualities but can be difficult to enjoy throughout an entire evening.

So here are my suggestions for some bubbly alternatives that are much less expensive and easier to enjoy over the course of your New Year’s Eve.


Cava originated in the Catalonia region of Spain in the late 19th century and is made by the same method as Champagne. Good quality Cava holds its effervescence just like Champagne but tends to be a bit softer (less crisp and acidic). Cava is produced in different styles ranging from dry to sweet; Brut Nature, Brut (extra dry), Seco (dry), Semiseco (medium) and Dulce (sweet).


Prosecco is always a favorite for women, it’s light, affordable, and fun. This Sparkling wine is aromatic and crisp, with nuances of yellow apple, citrus, pear, white peach, and apricot. Easy drinking over the course of an evening but the bubbles go away faster. No matter this delicious alternative bubbly never stays in a glass that long. Proseccos are labeled “brut”, “extra dry”, or “dry”, with the brut being the driest.


This little known bubbly is produced in the Loire Valley of France and is the largest producer of Sparkling wine outside of Champagne. This is my choice for New Year’s Eve. This wine has it all, flavor, effervescence, and a great balance that makes it pair perfectly with cheese and food. Its velvety nature makes it very easy to enjoy throughout the evening.

These sparkling alternatives are made with different types of grapes that make them fun to drink, and are much less expensive. Great choices to enjoy this New Year’s Eve.

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